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Post by Lost on Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:13 am

When introducing a character I would like if you did it in the following way.






So if I where to make a Character for myself I would do something like this.

Name: Lost
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Yellow eyes, purple hair, ect. (also if you have a picture you are more than welcome to post that)

Other: Lost is a left handed weirdo that sometimes wears glasses when her head hurts. (this is really the place where you put it they have powers or special abilities. Also I love you all so very much but your not invincible so put weaknesses or something to make it fair) also if you would put what they are here such a: Human, vampire, werewolf, demon, angel, fish, mermaid, ect.
Oh! Before I forget, When introducing a new story please give at least one character and a story line. I know your like "duh Lost I would totally do that" Well I have seen some that don't they just wing it haha so when starting a story I would really love it if you could do something like this:

(Title) Bla?
(Setting) The earth has few living things there since the new world had started. From Paradise you could look down on the earth and it looked like a waste land. Few humans stayed on the surface because they could not afford the luxury of paradise. A someone or something keeps hacking the paradise system. (I JUST WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW THAT I JUST USED A STORY LINE FROM AN ANIME I WATCHED!!!!!! You can do that if you want to do something like a book or a show that you liked however I must warn you, Not everyone has seen/read it so they don't know what it is like so they will be adding things that aren't in the book/show and it may not be what you wanted but it could get better.)
(Character(s)) follow the things you can add more to the character description if you feel it necessary.

So there you have it that is the example. Go crazy, have fun, and lets write together!

If you have any questions Please feel free to post on here or PM me. Thank You.

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